REVIEW : Drift, North Berwick

The name is very apt - DRIFT.

Drift off in a day dream, think about drifting off across the sea or just drift along in complete bliss.

Drift in North Berwick will allow you to do all three with ease.


This is a brilliant use of shipping containers - sides cut out and replaced by full height windows and some exterior cladding; then perched right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Forth.

view 1.jpg

The views from Drift are stunning and the windows frame unbelievable shots of the landscape, the beach and the Bass Rock. Bright vivid colours like the azure blue of the sea, the bright blue of the sky and the green tones of the landscape make this an absolute delight for the eyes.

view 2.jpg

Out the two main windows, you look straight at the Bass Rock; which according to Sir David Attenborough is regarded as one of the 12 natural wonders of the world. It’s home to the largest colony of gannets in the world.

bass rock.jpg

The ‘white’ on the rock is bird poop from over 150,000 gannets that set up home here for most of the year and then fly off to warmer climes come October.

This island is rich in history and was once a religious retreat, a fortress and a prison and has been owned by the Hamilton Dalrymple family for the last 300 years.

exterior 2.jpg
interior 2.jpg

Drift is small and possibly seats about 30 people but has more seating outside amongst their herb garden. They are dog-friendly and disabled friendly (they have a decent sized car park with gravel and all on one level).


Drift have been around for a year now, and still make and bake everything on site. Their menu is small but you really don’t need much more.

They do breakfast/brunch and you’ll find dishes such as granola, french toast with sweet and savoury toppings, eggs and toast; for lunches they do homemade soup and a sandwich as well as a nice selection of teas, coffees, hot chocolates and soft drinks. Their cakes and bakes cover treats like brownies, and chocolate cakes as well as scones (berry, fruit, plain and cheese) and savoury muffins.

We couldn’t resist trying one of their scones. They had just come out the oven and that warm baked aroma wafted across the space. We tried the berry scone (delicious) and with a wee smearing of butter made for a nice wee bite whilst we waited on our brunch.

top view.jpg

We all choose the same breakfast - the French Toast with bacon and egg.

breakie 3.jpg

What a view for breakfast….

breakie view.jpg

The bread was sourdough that had just been dipped in egg and fried. The bread had that lovely french toast egginess, without the soft eggy give of a french toast centre. The toast needs more structure (which it does) as bacon and a fried egg are perched on top. The egg was fried perfectly and when you cut into it the yolk dripped onto the salty bacon and toast. Breakfast heaven!

view from inside.jpg

Drift has always been on my radar since it open and I am gutted it took me so long to get there. If I lived closer, you’d find me most mornings here, come rain or shine as that view is every changing but the food it bloody great too.

Highly recommended.

Drift, Canty Bay, North Berwick. Tel : 01620 892817

My Spoon Award : Gold Spoon 9/10

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