NEWS : Tribute Night at Inchyra Macdonald Hotel and Spa

We headed over to the Inchyra Macdonald Hotel and Spa for an overnight stay (read my review here) but we also came for the Cher Tribute Night and it was most certainly a blast from the past. Strange how I remember ever single word to most of her songs …. if I could turn back time……


The Tribute Nights are a thing here at Inchyra and very popular too. In the next couple of months there will be Paulo Nutini, Abba Gold and Neil Diamond. All the classics blasted out, perfect for a good ol sing song to those cheesy but wonderfully nostalgic tunes.


The Tribute Nights are held in the conference centre which although attached to the main hotel is situated at the back with its own entrance. The space is vast with a large open foyer area, cloak room and several w/c’s. Once inside the events space, the round tables are setup for your 3 course dinner, candlebra on the tables, your buckets filled with wine and prosecco if you had pre-ordered.

There are easily 20 tables if not more that can accommodate 10-12 on a table and a fabulously large dancefloor, giving you all the space you need to shake your bootie to those well loved songs.

The Tribute Nights cost £28pp which includes the 3 course meal.


The night kicks off around 7/730pm and you get served your dinner first before the act takes to stage at approx 9pm.

Starters - Hot and tasty Lentil Soup served with bread and butter.

chicken 2.jpg

Mains - Breast of Chicken with peppercorn sauce, dauphinois potatoes, and a Chef’s selection of vegetables.

The chicken was succulent and tasty and the potatoes, not quite dauphinois as it was much drier and lacked cream, were also rather more-ish and well cooked and seasoned. The vegetables leave quite a lot to the imagination as one oblique cut of carrot, a half cube of courgette and a thin slice of onion, do not make a Chef’s selection of vegetables in my book; also the peppercorn in the sauce has taken a vacation!.

dessert 2.jpg

Dessert - Strawberry Cheesecake served with Chantilly Cream. The cheesecake topping and chantilly cream were smooth and creamy and a nice sweet way to finish the meal, however the biscuit base was too hard and you had to use a knife to cut through it.

However, when you are having a few alcoholic drinks and are in for a night of singing your heart out and dancing your wee feet off, this meal would most certainly suffice and get you through (carbs, protein and sugar).

Meal finished with tea and coffees.

cher collage.jpg

Then came Cher and I have to say that Lynn Kelly done a great job pretending to be Cher and haven flown in from Vegas!

We all sang at the top of our voices to the greats including Believe, Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, If I Could Turn back time, Just like Jesse James and so many more. BUT when Cher returned for the second half of the night as ABBA, or as Cher doing ABBA, it all took a nose dive and she had lost the crowd. Obviously, not many ABBA fans in the house. Unfortunately, most of her ABBA songs were out of tune and she forgot most of the lyrics.

The Tribute Nights have the potential to be a cracking night out. It’s old school where you can get up and dance in any which way you choose - get your boogie on, just sway from side to side, or even Dad-Dance. You can sing at the top of your voice with another 200 people that are doing the same - forget the lyrics, add in a dum de de dum when you feel like it and just love every minute of being with like minded friends and family. It’s like a night down at the Legion or the Bowling Club.

It’s a totally fun night but you have to make the most of it!

Inchyra Macdonald Hotel, Grange Road, Falkirk, FK2 0YB. Tel: 0344 879 9044

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