NEWS : Crowdfunding Campaign for Ultra-Premium Scottish Vodka - SKOTKA

Scottish spirit brand SKOTKA this week launched a crowdfunding campaign using the website Indiegogo, allowing the business to engage directly with customers eager to try Scotland’s first ultra-premium vodka.

The first 50 vodka enthusiasts are being given the chance to buy a bottle of SKOTKA for £10 off the RRP.* Backers can pledge more receive gift sets, premium packages and even a weekend getaway at the 5* Gleneagles Hotel.

skotka 1.jpg

Scottish Spirit

SKOTKA will capitalize on centuries of Scottish distilling tradition to challenge French dominance in the ultra-premium vodka category. Made with Scottish Highland water, world famous for its purity, quality and taste, SKOTKA wears its heritage proudly.

The tall, elegant bottle design renders the mountain Schiehallion in the colours of the Saltire using biodegradable paint, meaning the product is fully recyclable.

Flawlessly Refined

SKOTKA combines Scottish tradition with modern innovation. Each drop is distilled 7 times and diamond filtered using a bespoke filtration process. Chemical analyses show only trace amounts (<5 mg/L) of unwanted chemicals, such as methanol, in the liquid. The admissible concentration of methanol in pure vodka is 100 mg/L.† Fewer chemicals mean fewer adverse effects, reducing the likelihood of headaches or hangovers.

Bucking the Trend

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for Scottish company. Originally christened ‘Scotchka’, an intervention from Scottish Whisky Association forced an eleventh hour re-branding. It’s this brief set-back, as well as a desire to give something back to the spirit’s early backers, that prompted CEO Gordon Mitchell to take the unusual step of using a crowdfunding platform to distribute a finished product.

“We’ve had supporters cheerleading for the brand since day one. We wanted the opportunity to give something back to our earliest champions, before the official product launch later this year. We quickly decided that everyone deserves the chance to back the brand and support Scottish vodka. That’s why we’re making the campaign open to anyone, even if they’ve never heard of SKOTKA before today.”

The crowdfunding campaign is live now on Indiegogo and will run until 24th August