PRODUCT : Free the Chilli Hot Sauce

Free the Chilli hot sauce is made right here in Edinburgh by two mates, Jonny and Jamie. They are a small business that is just starting out and looking to grow by ploughing what money they make back into the business.

free the chilli 1.jpg

They use scotch bonnet chilli peppers in their sauce. It is designed for flavour but still has the necessary chilli kick. They only use natural ingredients, no sugar, preservatives or any of that other rubbish you find in alot of other sauces. The sauce is also suitable for vegans.

free the chillu.jpg

This bottle went down well in our hoose. I can’t take alot of heat and normally shy away from hot sauces, but I enjoy this one. The chilli is there for the flavour most certainly without blowing your head off from the chilli heat. Mr TartanSpoon had it on just about everything.

Show some support for these guys please - they are local, and an artisan business!

You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram and find them at The Pitt Market and other foodies festivals around Scotland. Bottles cost £4.00