REVIEW : The Oryx, Doha Airport

If you ever find yourself on a long haul flight to the Far East and are swithering whether to take a layover in Doha, then I suggest that you do.

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We were on our way to Thailand, which from Edinburgh Scotland is approx 15 hours depending on who you travel with and we changed over in Doha. We had a layover in Doha, Qatar of around 7 hours and rather than try to kip on an airport lounger which after 7 hours would be terribly uncomfortable, we opted to check into The Oryx Hotel in the Hamad International Airport and I can honestly say it was one of the best things we’ve done.

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Not only was it super easy to get to (although improved signage wouldn’t go amiss), straight through customs check, passed the massive yellow teddy bear; it also meant that we were refreshed and ready to take on the next 7 hours of the journey onto Phuket without looking like we’d been dragged through a hedge backwards.

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The hotel also knows in advance what your onward flight is and will give you a wake up call at the appropriate time, to allow you to get ready and then provide you with directions and the time it takes to get to your next gate. As the hotel is located inside security there is no need to go through further security checks for your onward flight.

The hotel is integrated into the airport and you would never really know that it was there. The reception and check in is super sleek and very discreet, and within minutes you are whisked up in the elevator, across a long walk way and onto a corridor of rooms.

The rooms themselves are lovely. Well equipped, spacious and very well sound proofed. Absolutely not one sound coming from the airport concourse below. We had 6 hours to grab a bite to eat, shower and catch up on some sleep. You can book a hotel room by the hour rather than pay for an overnight stay.

The bathroom comes with a large walk in shower and twin sinks in marble. The bed is super comfortable and the room a complete blackout once the lights are off.

The hotel comes with complimentary wifi, and access to the wellness centre with use of the swimming pool. Check as many of the features come at an additional cost.

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Room service ordered, showers taken and blissful shut eye - done! The hotel is not cheap, in fact I would say it borders on expensive, but for a couple of hours sleep before another long flight its totally worth it. Convenience is key! Cost was approx £180 for the room for 8 hours.

The Oryx Hotel, Hamad International Airport, Doha.

My Spoon Award : Silver Spoon 8/10