EVENT : The Journey of (Tini) Martini Enlightenment with Hendricks Gin

Hear ye, hear ye, come gather all gin lovers, for we hath something you will utterly love.

Hendricks Gin are putting on a very whimsical piece of theatre that centres around the Teenee or Tiny Martini. It’s a 50 minute journey into the history of the Martini where gin libations are offered and drank.

inerior bar.jpg

Hendricks is one of the better more well known gins and we are proud to say that its distilled and bottled here in Scotland.

And they are hosting a Fringe Show called the ‘Journey of the (Tini) Martini of Enlightenment’ held in the Cabinet of Curiosities in George Square Gardens.


This is a three part liquid journey starting with The Martinez - which is part gin, part vermouth. One of the most classic of cocktails.

garnish 2.jpg

Moving on we are presented with a box of tricks - filled with various garnishes which allow us to make our own Martini. Cucumber slices make for a clean and dry classic Martini.


Add a pickled onion and it’s magically transformed into a Gibson Martini (my favourite) but you can get down and dirty by adding gherkins and olives to your Martini. (we will not judge!)

blue martini 3.jpg

Lastly, Hendricks leave on a karaoke note and with some magical flair, with this Martini Houdini - a colour changing gin!

I don’t want to give too much away, but if you are looking for something that’s gin related, where you get to drink gin, that’s funny and is a fun show to see this Fringe, then put this show at the top of your list.

They are on until the 18th August in George Square Gardens, in a hidden cupboard next to the Hendricks Gin stand. There are 4 shows a day and it costs £8.00pp. Tickets available here