NEWS - Real Mary Kings Close unveils underground Old Curiosity Gin Tasting Tour

To coincide with World Gin Day, Real Mary King’s Close, the five-star visitor attraction located underneath the famous Royal Mile in Edinburgh, is teaming up with local herb and gin experts – The Old Curiosity Distillery – to offer unique gin-tasting tours.

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Paying homage to the famous illicit gin trade of 18th century Edinburgh and the plague doctors who used botanical to ward off disease, the late-night tour will be an opportunity to learn about the origins of gin production in the city while enjoying a range of exclusive and specially selected Old Curiosity gins, deep underground in the historic city.

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Visitors will learn about why the Dutch traded genever (gin’s precursor), the adventures of local smugglers, and the distilling innovations that led to Edinburgh’s lengthy love affair with this chameleon spirit. They will get the chance to explore the life and times of Edinburgh’s first plague doctor – Joannes Paulitius – to discover why herbs were thought to protect the doctor from deadly plague epidemic and why he wore the distinctive beaked mask.

The late night 1.5 hour guided tours cost £35 and will take place every Wednesday in August and Saturday in September. Accompanied by a gin expert, visitors will be given four gins to taste, including: Apothecary Rose, Lemon Verbena, and Chamomile & Cornflower, followed by a plague doctor inspired Lavender & Echinacea gin cocktail.

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Paul Nixon, General Manager from The Real Mary Kings Close, said: “Given Edinburgh’s unique history and connection with gin, hosting an Old Curiosity Gin tour with their award-winning range, all made right here in Edinburgh, made perfect sense. There is a wealth of stories waiting to be told about the illicit stills, plague doctors and their connection with herbs and botanicals, including their characteristics, flavours and supposed magical properties. The Real Mary King’s Close is a truly unique attraction and this tour allows visitors to explore these underground streets in a totally different context - bringing history alive while discovering the fascinating origins of gin.”

Francesca Martin, Events and Marketing Manager at Old Curiosity adds:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with The Real Mary King’s Close. We can’t wait to share the interesting history of gin and showcase our creations in a unique setting.”

The Real Mary King’s Close is a five-star visitor attraction located on Edinburgh’s historic and world-famous Royal Mile. Visitors are taken on a journey into a warren of uniquely preserved 17th century streets, which were once home to a thriving community