PRODUCT REVIEW : Liquid Intellect Bottled Cocktails

Liquid Intellect is a team of two people, Charles & Eleanor. Both have a keen interest in drinks, so they decided to venture out into the world of bottled cocktails back in 2017.

Charles & Eleanor have worked on a number of national and international projects together, designing drinks for critically acclaimed Bar Hercules Soho, Scout LDN & Peg & Patriot. Liquid Intellect has consulted with M&S, designing the Jaffa cake bottled cocktail which went on sale in the late months of 2018. They also have worked with the bar chain Be at one one multiple projects and have decided to take a step into the world of bottled beverages.
The cocktails produced by Liquid Intellect LTD, are made by one of the dedicated team, who from start to finish, manufacture everything and bottle by hand. All of the cocktails made by Liquid Intellect come from the Soho Cocktail Labatory.

The idea behind their core range, was to evoke fond memories, focusing on nostalgic flavours, including Jam Doughnuts, Pina Coladas & Cookie Dough.

The four current cocktail flavours are :

  • Cookie Dough Old Fashioned

  • Jam Doughnut Negroni

  • Pina Colada Punch

  • Banana Bread Manhattan

Watch my review below. They are all super delicious and stockists are listed on their website