PRODUCT : Holy Grass Vodka Cold Brew Coffee Limited Edition

Making the must-have ingredient for your Espresso Martini or a delicious drink served straight up over ice, Holy Grass Vodka – Cold Brew Coffee Edition, is the latest release from the multi-award winning Dunnet Bay Distillery in Caithness. This delicious coffee flavoured vodka, distilled in the far North of Scotland, has been created in collaboration with the Ovenbird Coffee Roasters.

holy grass 2.jpg

To create the craft spirit, six years aged “Old Brown Java” coffee beans, that have been ethically sourced from farms across the globe and roasted by Ovenbirds in Glasgow, are blended with Holy Grass Vodka at the distillery. The lovely dark chocolate and vanilla notes of the beans are infused into the spirit and hints of smoke, caramel and cocoa merge to create a velvety smooth drink perfect for any occasion.

Holy Grass Vodka itself is one of Dunnet Bay Distillers signature spirits and is famed for featuring the unusual botanical Holy Grass, so-called as it was once used to bring a sweet, vanilla smell to church floors. A celebration of local produce and ingredients, the spirit is also infused with a carefully crafted vapour of Highland apples and apple juice, to complement the sweetness of the Holy Grass.

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I tried the Signature Serve: 25 ml of Holy Grass Vodka – Cold Brew Coffee Edition poured over ice.

(The ice had melted by the time I took 25 photographs but it was ice cold). This liqueur is strong (41.5% ABV) but if you love coffee, which I do, you will love this. You’ll pick up coffee instantly on the nose and on the palate its dark chocolate mocha and vanilla sweetness. There is caramel in there too and its velvety to drink.

I haven’t tried it in an Espresso Martini, but the word is its bloody gorgeous. That’s my mission this weekend and I’ll post a pick on Instagram.


Cocktail Suggestion:

Simply add 50ml coffee vodka to a shot of espresso with honey or sugar syrup and shake over ice before

straining into a glass. A dash of cardamom or cinnamon bitters could be added, at the shaking stage, to

give an extra dimension

You can purchase Holy Grass Vodka - The Cold Brew Coffee Edition, 70cl, 41.5%, direct from