PRODUCT : Rock Island Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

This is one of the Remarkable Regional Malts from Douglas Laing. By blending their preferred Single Malts from each of the Scottish whisky areas, they’ve produced blended whiskies.

rock island bottle.jpg

Rock Island is a Small Batch bottling created using the finest island malts including those distilled on Jura, Arran, Orkney and Islay.

Bottled at a high strength of 46.8% and offered without colouring or chill-filtration, Rock Island, is a blended 100% malt and is bursting with flavours of the sea; packed with sea-spray, gentle peat smoke and an undeniably moreish quality.

rock island dram.jpg


Complex - salty, smoked and barley sweet.

On the nose - Wave-soaked rocks and fresh, salty oceans

On the palate - Sweet peat paralleled with smoke, honey, damp ash and late pepper

Finish - A long finish that replicates all that has gone before

I mostly certainly picked up the saltiness of this whisky with the first sip and it definitely has a sweetness to it. It’s very pale in colour - a maritime malt it most definitely is!

rock island bloody joseph.jpg

I tried it with Sunday Brunch as a Bloody Joseph Cocktail (think Bloody Mary cocktail just with whisky).

  • Pour a measure of whisky into a sling glass.

  • Top it up with spicy tomato juice.

  • I added some pepper but Rock Island recommend adding more hot sauce.

  • Add lots of ice and garnish with celery.

Rock Island Small Batch Release is available for £37.95 from or from Douglas Laing for £40.00 (including a glass)