PRODUCT REVIEW : Island Oasis ready made cocktail mixers

Island oasis is shaking up the cocktail world with their new premium range of delicious fruit purees and cocktail mixers. Launched by Kerry, the Taste and Nutrition company, Island Oasis has been crafted for the ‘makers’ and the ‘shakers’ of the cocktail industry who want to create the highest quality, innovative, premium cocktails - consistently!

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Boasting 90% natural fruit content, the Island Oasis range provides the reassurance of unquestionable quality for innovative bartenders, who don’t always have the time to create purees from scratch.


Using fruit which is locally grown and produced in small batches at the Kerry Taste and Nutrition site in Annyeron, France, Island Oasis products respect nature and authenticity. Kerry have a unique sourcing policy which ensures the brand buys directly from long term growing partners. This policy allows Kerry to work closely with farmers to guarantee consistency and only the finest fruit ingredients make it into Island Oasis products.


Island Oasis purees are competitively priced, allergen free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Their cartons are recyclable.


Island Oasis comes in a variety of flavours : Passion Fruit, Strawberry, White Peach, and cocktail mixers including : Pornstar Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito


The brand not only offers a superior quality product but also offers insights into flavour combinations, menu development and training on how to use the product like a pro.


I got sent five of their purees to try : Raspberry, Mango, Mojito, Pina Colada and the Pornstar Martini.

With the raspberry and the mango purees I experimented (I’m no bartender or mixologist).

To the raspberry puree I added a splash of gin and topped it with some Prosecco - made a really light fruity bubbly Summer cocktail and with the mango, I added this to some coconut ice-cream then added some rum - a sort of Rum Mango Coconut Milkshake. Both delicious although I am sure I never done them justice.


I tried out the Mojito, adding rum to this mix and an extra squeeze of lime - I like the tang!

Really superb mixers and even better when they are ice cold. They pour easily and easy to store too AND they make great smoothies!

These are mostly aimed at bar trade and if you require any further information email You can also purchase these online from ebay and TheDrinksShop.

Thanks to Island Oasis for sending me samples of their cocktail purees and mixers to try.